Our tight knit group of craftsman have exceeded expectations time and time again when it comes to the quality and detail of their work. Decades of experience and practice have refined their abilities and enabled them to craft a variety of complex works with relative ease. Our gifted artisans have proven to be ameliorates in their field, constantly evolving with the trade. Each and everyone of our craftsmen have contributed to the success of Van Etten Artisans & Wood with their acute workmanship and unique skill-sets. The creator of the company, James Van Etten, has often remarked that him and his craftsmen are like a band, just trying to create music that can be enjoyed by all; and thus far have been successful.


At Van Etten Artisans & Wood we pride ourselves on the precision and construction  of our works .

It is for this reason that our exteriors and interiors are made exclusively from the highest quality goods. 


Top of the line hardware supplies are used at Van Etten Artisans In Wood to affirm the validity of our quality standards as well as to ensure the flawless function of our work for years to come.